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Secure Destruction


Polidor provide secure shredding services for your business. With security of your business and personal information at risk, it is important to know that confidential data is disposed of safely. Polidor ensure security standards are never compromised from secure collection and an off-site destruction service which protects data at every stage of the disposal process.

Confidential Shredding

We provide shredding services for the destruction of confidential data. We will provide seal-able bags and upon collection a security receipt will be issued, all secure data is transported in enclosed vehicles under the supervision of our staff and upon delivery to our shredding station it will undergo witnessed destruction. For larger amounts such as boxed archive material, which you may prefer not to transfer into sacks, destruction will be charged by the tonne.

Confidential Incineration

This process is the same as that of Confidential Shredding except your materials will undergo witnessed incineration as apposed to witnessed shredding.

Both processes will completely destroy your confidential materials and following shredding or incineration, a data destruction certificate will be provided, confirming the destruction of your goods and confirming compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. If shredded your material will then be recycled into low grade paper products.