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Japanese Knotweed

japanese-knotweedWe remove and treat knotweed for residential homes, the construction industry, councils and land and property management companies. Our clients return to us for no-nonsense practical advice in accordance with their requirements and a cost effective solution each and every time!


Polidor are one of the leading knotweed specialists in the UK. We are confident that we can offer you a competitive price to remove or treat the Japanese knotweed. We employ highly skilled, qualified and experienced people, which in-turn enables us to deliver reliable and cost effective solutions each and every time. Our professional services are used by Construction and Development Companies, Regional and Local Authorities and Land and Property Management Companies, as well as Commercial property owners.


The spread of Japanese knotweed is governed under the ‘Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981′ and its disposal under the ‘Environmental Protection Act 1990′ and ‘Duty of Care Regulations 1991′. Knotweed is also a recognised property risk (RICS IP 27/2012 ‘Japanese Knotweed and residential property’), which can prevent lending agreements on not only the subject property but neighbouring properties as well!

For Construction or Development firms therefore knotweed needs controlling or removing as part of the site remediation process. Commercial property owners or managers also have an interest to treat and/or remove knotweed, not only to make their property more desirable to potential buyers, but also in helping alleviate any problems they may be causing their neighbours.


We will undertake a survey of a site to record the presence of Japanese knotweed and produce a Knotweed Remediation Report, detailing the knotweed distribution to the property/site and identifying feasible remediation strategies in-line with the development proposal, if applicable. The treatment/removal method feasibility assessment is one of our key strengths. It ensures we offer our clients no-nonsense practical advice in accordance with their requirements and a cost effective solution each and every time!


In most general property/land ownership or management situations (and on construction sites where the knotweed is to be left undisturbed), it may be suitable to treat Japanese knotweed in-situ under a Herbicide Treatment Programme with Guarantee. The client must accept that access and use of the treatment area will be severely restricted (no vegetation of ground disturbance) for a number of years and that if removed from site in the future it will remain a controlled waste. If these limitations are acceptable then chemical treatment often provides the most economic control strategy.


On most construction sites and in some mortgage lending situations the Japanese knotweed will require instant eradication via means of excavation and on or off site disposal. Our staff are highly experienced in knotweed identification and excavation techniques and we can fully remove knotweed while minimising the total volume of waste requiring disposal (saving our clients’ money). We will use the most suitable strategy in accordance the site and the development, if applicable. We undertake the following:


Our guarantees provides our customer the assurance of after-care and the undertaking of corrective works, if required, following completion of our knotweed treatment or removal programmes.

During the Guarantee period we will undertake periodic inspections of the property to monitor for any continuance or recurrence of Japanese knotweed. Under the terms of the Guarantee; Were there to be any knotweed growth recorded the customer is notified and at no additional cost to the customer we ensure it is systematically monitored, treated and controlled.